Recipe:Fermented shrimp

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Marinated and fermented shrimps

Ingredients - shrimps (if possible wild ones), water, salt, soy sauce, miso, garlic, onion, ginger, plum syrup (or sugar).


  • Marinade

- during the preparation keep the ingredients separately - shred or cut washed ginger and boil it for few minutes in minimum of water to make strong concentrated broth. Strain and keep the broth, dispose the ginger. - peel the garlic and crash it as smooth as you can - peel and shred onion to puree - start to mix the prepared garlic, onion and ginger adding the soy sauce, miso, salt, plum sauce and based on flavour if needed water - if you have you can add bit of fermented brine from kimchi or other vegetable ferment - the final flavour of marinade should be quite strong and salty, don't forget that it will get diluted by the marinated shrimps

  • Shrimp

- remove shrimp heads crashing them slightly with your fingers (it is more easy to boil out the flavour later on) and peel the rest of the body, keep the removed parts for making a broth later on

  • Mixing

- mix the shrimp with the marinade in a bowl and transfer it to a seal-able jar. Keep at room temperature for six to 12 hours and after that transfer to cold, bellow 10°C. Mix the ferment once per day so the shrimps on the top get to the bottom and are properly marinated. Start tasting after three days or so.