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Cider is really easy, apples just want to ferment.

What you need

  • Apple juice. Lots.
  • Some white wine yeast or cider yeast, about 3 teaspoons per 20 liters of juice.
  • 1 kg of sugar per 20 liters of juice.
  • 2 Fermenting vessels.
  • A water lock.
  • Bottles, corks, muzzles.
  • Sanitizer, such as Chemi Pro Oxi.

How to make your cider

Check instructions on your yeast package, you might have to make a starter first. Sanitize your fermenting vessel.

Mix everything in the fermenting vessel. Fermentation should start within a couple of hours. Put in a relatively cool place. Forget about it for about 2-3 months.

Then sanitize your second fermenting vessel. Siphon the cider into it, taking care to leave dead yeast on the bottom of the first one. Wait until the cider becomes clear, i.e. translucent, not hazy any more. This might take another month or so, doesn't matter if you leave it a bit longer.

Bottle your cider, taking care again to leave the depot of dead yeast in the fermenting vessel. If you want a sparkly cider, prime it with 4g/l of sugar and 1 g of yeast per 20 liters of liquid. Do this in a bucket or so on the total amount, don't do priming individual bottles as this is a sure recipe for explosion. Leave it for about one month before drinking.