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We served a Black IPA at 32c3. This is the recipe

The recipe roughly follows the Widmer Brothers W10 extract clone suggested by BYO magazine ([1]).

- 1.75 kg light LME
- 300g Caramalt 10L
- 170g Carafa 2
- 140g Caramalt 50L

Steep Caramalt in 3l of water, then add LME and top up to 9.5l water. Cook with the following hop schedule

- 38g Newport 12,6 AA @35
- 14g Newport 12,6 AA @2
- 4g DE Cascade 8,5 AA @2

Ferment with a neutral ale yeast for a week.

Then dry hop for two weeks with

- 4g Newport 12.6 AA
- 7g German Cascade 8,5 AA

Should result in around 7-8l beer with an ABV of 7-8%vol. Pitch black.

Notes: the hop schedule is completely borken, but resulted in an ok beer for a black ipa. I don't like Newport on its own, but in combination with the cascade it's rather nice. Since I forget to reduce the bittering hops (original recipe calls for 20l beer, initial hop addition here) I shortened the boil time (which is reasonable when brewing extract) and the result was ok.

Well ok. Actually I received a lot of compliments for the beer and several people wanted to get some bottles from me. I rather liked it.