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Cancelled! du to bad weather


To secure a spot on this session, please register here:

We'll be using a commercial off-flavour kit to learn about common faults in beer, how they originate and how to work around them.

The faults include:

- Acetaldehyde (green apple, cut grass)
- Butyric Acid (putrid, baby vomit)
- Diacetyl (butter, butterscotch)
- DMS (cooked corn or vegetables)
- Earthy (geosmin, soil-like)
- Ethyl Acetate (solvent-like, nail polish remover)
- Ethyl Hexanoate (aniseed, apple or licorice)
- Geraniol (floral, geranium flowers)
- Indole (farm, barnyard)
- Isovaleric Acid (cheesy, old hops, sweat socks)
- Papery (oxidized, cardboard)
- Spicy (cloves, allspice)

Please allow 2 hours to go through all the faults. We'll be providing sheets for tasting notes as well as a small catalogue of off flavours to you to take home.

To get a good mix of locals and congress participants, we're giving out 10 places in advance to local brewers. So during congress, the first 10 to rsvp via dudle are going to get a place in the tasting.

You will be provided with printed copies of the following at the event. Note taking sheet Reference flavours

You will be tasting the flavours without us telling you what you'll be sampling. Then we'll talk a little about the flavour in question.

Link to official Self Organized Session at 33c3 wiki