Meeting notes 2022 07 10

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Here you can find agenda for our 70th meeting starting at 19h00 on 10th of July 2022, #foodhackingbase channel, oftc network IRC.

Topics for discussion:

  • budget of fhb for mch2022, how much we really need, which account to receive the money at
  • cooling trailer - this one is reserved for 375 euro pickup on 20-7 at 10:00, return 27-7 at 10:00, bigmac will do the driving; pay when picking up, no deposit
  • how much should the access to all and hungry hacker access to all cost? 120€ and 60€ would be doable or shall we keep nostalgic 100€ and 50€?
  • how to shape the crowdfunding campaign, again where to send money to
  • cost estimation of wood and screws needed for the build up, how much would the 5x5 (or 4.5x5 m) floor cost - update bigmac is bringing 10 plastic 'road plates' (rijplaten) of 300x100x12mm which make 30 m2 floor together
  • tent which Algoldor brings from Normandie will have some parts missing or slightly broken (definitely the small rubber things to attach the tent tarp to the frame), where can we bought or make what may be missing? they can be bought at 'action' shop
  • Rent beer tables ourselves or wait if they come back in stock
  • List what items are missing from our inventory
  • Heat relief (28C predicted in Zeewolde, but quite uncertain yet) Do we need extra fans?