Meeting notes 2019 12 01

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On Sunday 1th of December 2019 we will have a meeting at 21h00 at our #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network IRC. For those who are coming to the 36c3 please try to be there!

Present warddr, DenkBrettl, Curtisanne, Ben, x378, Algoldor


  • crowdsourcing campaign tune up
  • baking activities at the event, possibly also a child activity at young hacker day?
  • list of activities which we already know are going to be done, put them in to the wiki and bring them as much to the final shape as possible
  • camping spot development
  • whisky tasting - 30 people max, time set to Day 1, 21h30, donation based at your will, coordinator x378
  • rum tasting - 30 people max, time set to Day 2, 22h00, donation at your will, coordinator DenkBrettl
  • Curtisannes Cake Center - curtisanne will make an international baking session, also she is considering doing a session of future foods, she will prepare small proposal and budget