Meeting notes 2019 11 24

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Here you can find meeting notes from our 63rd meeting which took place on Sunday 24th of November at our #foodhackingbase IRC channel at oftc network.

Present: Lefrog, Warddr, DenkBrettl, Algoldor, Ben


  • events which we will do: as discussed on the previous meeting, lefrog will do presentation on bees and some projection, Eunha would like to do some of the previous events but also some new like cooking with seaweed. More events -
  • crowdsourcing campaign - what are our dates, shall we run it also during the event as usually, what is our financial target before the event and after the event and who is going to be receiving money for us?
  • Algoldor suggests that the 36c3 page at our wiki and crowdsourcing page should be ready before the next weekend 29/11-1/12/2019.
  • we should have a basic overview of who is likely to support and how much, just few internal numbers.
  • money handling during 36c3 - Algoldor suggests usage of 1 to 3 l zipbags labelled with name of workshop, date and amount (like "Kimchi Workshop, 29/12/2019, 135 eu"), we need to discuss who keeps the cash during the event so it is safe. Daily update of how much we spend and how much we got in should be done, in the worst fallowing morning if we finish too late.
  • We need to choose the second contact person for the event especially between 14th to 27th of December when I'm on the road and doing the build up. Who is for it?
  • Ben is thinking about doing one workshop for beef jerky and maybe one for vegan sausage.
  • DenkBrettl considers organizing rum tasting for 36c3, Algoldor loves the idea, he will decide if yes or now by 1/12/2019.
  • DenkBrettl may be able to bring fridge/freezer and needs to bring it back with him.
  • Algoldor will ask orga if they could help us with some wood for our build up, like worth of 200 eu or so.
  • Lefrog agreed to be second contact person for the 36c3 event.