Meeting notes 2019 10 27

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Welcome to our regular Sunday meeting, which happened on 27th of October, 2019 at 21h00 at our #foodhackingbase IRC channel at oftc network.

People Present - x378, lefrog, Algoldor


  • vouchers - does everyone has a voucher by now, and preferably already a ticket?
  • treasurer - we are still looking for a treasurer.
  • new projects for 36c3. This congress is suppose to be copy and paste format, so we should be at the same location as last year, same space etc. Do we have any new special projects which would need more time or some special infrastructure compared to the last year?
  • FHB assembly is registered for 36c3 as "Foodhackingbase" - We are bunch of hackers from all around the world who are into the food, drink and bio, come and find out more!
  • x378 is working on the Whisky tasting session.