Meeting notes 2019 10 13

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Here you can find meeting notes from FHB meeting held on 13th of October at 21h00 at our #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network, IRC. Meeting notes are also here as a sample of pad meeting.

Present: Brabo, Bigmac, x378, DenkBrettl, Algoldor,

Things to do for 36c3

- crowdsourcing campaign

- build up

- running 36c3 event plus tear down

- finances - we need a new treasurer

- x378 - considers coordinating Whisky Tasting Event for 36c3, has experience, visited Scottish distilleries etc.

- fhb-events have to be added to the 36c3-wiki as early as possible

- here is info about 35c3 camping which could help us with booking spot for 36c3. Everybody please keep your eyes open on when camping presale starts so we can book camping tickets.