Meeting notes 2019 09 01

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Here we will have our meeting notes from our 55th meeting which will happen on 1th of September at 21h00 at our #foodhackingbase IRC chanell, oftc network.

Present: DenkBrettl (Klaus), Jglaucha, Brabo, Algoldor, Anek, Fenkt

Agenda: CCC Camp 2019 overview

  • things which did work for us
  • things which did not work out
  • finances
  • bar
  • tear down
  • experimental incubator
  • Good things about the camp - giant walk in, however stuff was not labelled sufficiently, fhb being open (something less usual at the camp this year compared to before), having oven was nice, bar was a good idea but it was not served/run properly, people did not know what to kind of do there, how to serve it - Denbrettl, Jglauche, Algoldor etc.
  • Bad things - Jglauche suggests to start to use more things which are reusable and can be easily assembled and disassembled like shelf systems, tables etc, fenkt agrees too, Algoldor too. We should not have commercial beer at the bar, the ciders were not visible and resupplied as often as they should be. Syrups were not distributed. We were missing few to several people on the ground. Bar needs to be manned/womanned so it serves properly. We need to create self organized sessions properly on time, we need to delegate activities.
  • Denkbrettl is considering doing rum tasting at the congress, Algoldor promisses one good bottle to support the activity.
  • Anek suggests that water should be installed earlier, several people supports.
  • congress - we need people for dong shopping trips, plus staffing the bar, writing on perishables when they are opened, maybe a date till they should be consumed and keeping them properly - cold mostly. We should describe the washing dishes procedures better. We need person on duty who is available to guide and help people at the fhb - someone who knows how fhb works. Basically angel system shifts etc. Doing a big shopping run on Day 0 for the congress would be a good idea. We should promote more that people can use the ingredients which are on the place and make food for themselves and the group.
  • page 26 guide to washing stuff.
  • We should revise fhb purpose and aim/goal reason of existence, summarize it and write it down in a printed form/black board at the events.