Meeting notes 2018 11 11

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This page is dedicated to the Food Hacking Base (fhb) meeting which will happen on Sunday, 11th of November, at 20h00 at our #foodhackingbase channel at oftc network, IRC. Please add the topics to the agenda below, major focus will be 35c3.

People Present


  • Crowdsourcing campaign - template checking, planning campaigning.
  • Workshop tables - Bigmac suggests getting these steel legs which we could use long term. Other suggestions?
  • Safety requirements at 35c3 - what should we do to make us more fitting etc. brought up by Mario
    • Also: "Another important change this year: the 26th will count as an event day. As a consequence the acceptance test with the fire and safety department ("Bauabnahme") will happen on the 25th in the afternoon. Until then the work on "bigger constructions" and things that need to be verified (like groundings, truss, etc.) has to be finished (as in DONE)."
  • 3D printed train for tasting events - 0x378 - will try within next two weeks to print out what he can concerning the train set. He will also check the prices of cheap locomotive and rails and we will decide if to buy or borrow. Interesting link at Thingivers
  • Workshops about beekeeping and mead fermenting
  • beer - subcrew, organization, tasting events, regular day/evening beer out activities etc. Arnd, Phil. For the start at least two tasting events will happen possibly more - beer tasting for general public and beer tasting for beer brewers. Two slots, two hours at least should be booked. Three longer tables for sitting would be fine for the event, next to fhb would be good.
  • shelves, projectors, switch - justa plan to bring 24-port gigabit switch and some options for Internet connection if ccc one fails. He will check on industrial style shelving system. Justa nad lefrog both plans to bring projectors, one should be always on displaying our event list.