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We need to sit down and discuss the budget, to have at least rough idea. It has been nearly three years since we have done a big outdoor event, 2019 CCC camp Ziegeleipark, Mildenberg so we are a bit out of shape plus the prices went up.

For CCC Camp 2019 we discuss to aim for minimum €1500 for preparations - prep-budget and so far not sure about the event budget which together with prep-budget should make total of around €4000, so far it is open to discussion, more we get bigger back up we would have for future events. So most likely we will aim for lets say €3000 for Crowdsourcing Campaign.


It includes:

  • €400-600 building material (probably bit more because of the 5x5 m wooden flooring in the experimental kitchen). We are not allowed to use OSB plates any more, wood is rated concerning fire hazards (at least that was situation for CCC events).
  • €150 transport of equipment (Algoldor)
  • €200 buildup food budget - the hungry hackers needs be fed (and watered) during buildup to have energy to make things happen (18th till 21th of July, Day -3 till Day 0)
  • €500 main ingredient shopping
  • €350 renting a cooling trailer
  • €150 buying gas bottles plus deposit (or maybe just refilling)
  • €330 tables, chairs, beertables and benches rent
  • €100 deposit for tables and chairs with CCC Orga

Total +- €2300

Event Budget - being worked on based on the experience from previous events

  • €200 per day shopping during the event (6X€200)
  • €150 transport of equipment back (Algoldor) (maybe it will be not claimed)
  • disposal of things not transported by us or donated and picked up after the event

Total +- €1350

The total budget/spending for CCC Camp 2019 should be around +- €3700 however we should think about another €500 extra just in case, €4200 spendings should keep us on the plus side. We have around 500€ budget from previous events.