Experimental incubator parts 2.1 mamut

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  • Parts needed to build up prototype/kit for 30c3 - 2.1 mamut

(parts suggested based on industrial prototyping scheme)

The list is as close to the parts which we got at the end as possible.

Component Function Model Specifications Amount Cost (€) Purchase links Component Suggested by
Arduino Board (clone OK) easy prototyping ??? 1x 15 DealExtreme Arnd
Arduino prototyping shield for easy prototyping ??? 1x 2 DealExtreme Arnd
LCD Display display data ??? 1x 7 DealExtreme Arnd
Temperature sensors to measure temp. ??? 2x 8 DealExtreme Arnd
Solid state relay switch on/off 220V elements ??? 2x 6-10 DealExtreme Arnd
H-bridge changing polarity of peltier ??? 1x 13-16 Ebay Arnd
RTC (real-time-clock) module keep count of time DS1302 based 1x 3 DealExtreme Arnd
Connectors for temp-probes connect the temp-probes ??? 2x 1 DealExtreme Arnd&Erwin
Pin Headers for Arduino (package of 5pcs) to connect boards ??? 1x 5 DealExtreme Arnd
Thermopaste to connect heatsinks to peltier ??? 1x 5 DealExtreme Algoldor
peltier element for heating/cooling ??? 2x 8 GM electronics Lars/Algoldor
cooler for heat distributiong ??? 2x ??? Arctic Lars, Algoldor