Ccccamp 2019 wish list

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This section can be thought of as our wish list. There are some things which we really would like to have and they should "materialize" but it is to a degree a wish, so lets hope we can get your help to make it happen. Supporting our crowdsourcing activities makes these things possible.

First we list more important or lets say more expensive things which we would like to have.

  • Piano - €200-300 (second hand). Well to be more exact professional or semi-professional gas stove with big electric oven. We are after this one for years, we really miss it on outdoor events as a heart of our kitchen. The issue is a bit of the price and transport but this time it should materialize it would make our life much more easy. It will be placed in Experimental Kitchen. Once we have Fermentation Mobile it would be part of it demountable for the events.
  • Mixer/Blender - €150-300 (new). This year we will have a bar and with bar of course cocktails come in mind. Having high quality blender which can do the job would be lovely. Also making things like grain based spread - peanut butter, almond butter etc. good blender is essential. If to keep dreaming big of course the heating/cooling variant would be lovely, that is however around €1000, so yes, that is why we call it a wish list around here!
  • Induction stove (prof.) - ??? - Probably not for this event but especially for the indoor ones we would like to have a strong professional induction stove which is around 4-5 kw (the standard ones go up to 2 kw). This device is super cool when we especially need to boil large quantity of water to boil something.