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For CCC Camp 2019 we discuss to aim for minimum €1500 for preparations - prep-budget and so far not sure about the event budget which together with prep-budget should make total of around €4000, so far it is open to discussion, more we get bigger back up we would have for future events. So most likely we will aim for lets say €3000 for Crowdsourcing Campaign.


It includes:

  • €300-400 building material (probably bit more because of the 5x5 wooden flooring in the experimental kitchen). We are not allowed to use OSB plates any more, wood is better concerning fire hazards.
  • €150 transport of equipment (Algoldor)
  • €150 buildup food budget - the hungry hackers needs be fed (and watered) during buildup to have energy to make things happen
  • €400 main ingredient shopping
  • €250 renting a cooling trailer (€600-700 in total, around €400 likely to be covered by Algoldor and the probiotic drinks everywhere project)
  • €100 buying gas bottles plus deposit
  • €330 tables, chairs, beertables and benches rent
  • €100 deposit for tables and chairs with CCC Orga

Total +- €1650

Event Budget - being worked on based on last years result

  • €150 per day shopping during the event (6X€150)
  • €150 transport of equipment back (Algoldor)
  • disposal of things not transported by us or donated and picked up after the event

Total +- €1050

The total budget/spending for CCC Camp 2019 should be around +- €2700 however we should think about another €1000 extra just in case, €3700 spendings should keep us on the plus side.