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Like last year we would like to have a nice tasting with homebrewed and commercial beers.

The first part of this tasting is mainly focused to people who are brewing but other who are interested in homebrewing can attend also in this tasting. The second part of this tasting is open to everyone who is interested in different kind of beers.

Please write your name in the table below and what kind of drink you bring. Please bring minimum of 1 liter, so that everyone can taste you beer.Due to space restrictions, the sessions are limited to 20 people. If more people are interested we have to split the session into two parts.At the end I would like to share the recipes. So everyone which is ok with that can send me his recipe which other people can try at home theirselfs.

Homebrew tasting (21:00)

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Commercial beer tasting (22:00)

The commercial beer tasting starts either parallel to the homebrew tasting if many people show up or after the homebrew tasting.

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