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Workshops and education in general are the main focus of fhb. You are welcome to join them on donation based scheme no one turned away for lack of funds. Of course you can also give workshops. If you believe something should be on the list get in touch on the fhb discuss, our IRC channel or with (Algoldor) and lets see how to make it happen. To cover the costs of workshops below €50 is easy, up to €100 doable on regular bases, if you have higher costs than it can be done, however lets work out a plan bit more cautiously in such case. We use fhb wiki for this event so you either ask us to create it or you create your account and make the workshop by yourself with mrmcd2015/workshop prefix.

It is up to you if you want to get the ingredients for the workshop by yourself first and get reimbursed during the event (that is preferred by fhb), or we get what you need and then it is covered from the workshops profit. Also nice way is if you chip some money in to the fhb budget and do the shopping within the fhb project and your investments are covered later on from the workshop profit. The general guideline is that if you give workshop you should end up at least on €0 certainly not in minus. As at the previous events you and your partner/friend are welcome to join our table for the day when you give your workshop if you like to do so. We use workshops to get resources for the fhb projects so if you give a workshop and you end up in plus, it is great if you share some of the profit with fhb, more better, generally 20-50% for fhb sounds great! :-)

If you like to give a workshop please get in touch in advance so we can plan, it makes things more easy. However we did workshops on the last minute bases too so ... If you are not confident about giving a workshop get in touch or just pop in, you can always experiment on an "unofficial" bases when we find some empty time slot and see how it goes. Many times people just flock around.

Our workshop venue will be suitable for groups of 10-15 people for hands on workshops and around 20 for demos. The workshop venue will be available since 9:00 or 10:00 till 20:00 or so. The regular time slots should be around 1 to 2 hours, with cleaning and making the venue ready for next one included. If you are giving workshop please be at fhb 15-20 min in advance at least, earlier if you need more time to prepare. For participants 5-10 minutes before workshop will do.

To get a better idea you can take for example Kombucha is easy hands on workshop as a muster for creating your own workshop page, just an idea to keep a bit of "structure here".

List of Workshops

For the list of the workshops please see the list of MRMCD 2015 events at FHB venue.


Below is short list of what do you actually can expect as main utilities and equipment in our Food Hacking Base village.

  • sturdy tables of around 1 m high with cooking preparation friendly surface designed for practical work
  • running water with sinks (possibly cold only, water kettle)
  • standardly equipped kitchen next to the workshop venue which you can use