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Korean Healing Table, Toppoint, Kiel 2015.

Korean Healing Table is a social dining event which is prepared by people interested in the subject. This event is dedicated especially to the Food Hacking Base (fhb) core group as a reward for being there, people who support us long term and "access to all" folk. All these are thankfully many so we can not invite everyone. If you are interested let us know, either Eunha or Algoldor or just get in touch somehow in person etc. we will make "kind of list".

Well and what shall you expect? Feast! Selection of variety of amazing dishes of which most of you have never heard of before but they are definitely worth of your gourmand passion! The drinks will be a chapter of it's own of course too. The atmosphere will be friendly and relaxed, of course if you would like to, please do donate to support fhb project but as usually and especially this time no one is turned away for lack of funds.