Food Hacking Summer Tour 2015

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This tour will be done again as an collaboration of Food Hacking Base group and it's associated group Dancing Drops. The tour will start by the CCC camp and will go on till the end of September. We will attend and organize variety of events for more info please check the info below. If you would like us to visit you and your community please let us know!

Places which we plan to visit:

Country City Hackerspace space or event date Workshops/Event Person to contact Note
Germany Zehdenick Camp 2015 13-17 Aug 2015 Variety Algoldor Will be part of Food Hacking Base Village
France Paris La General Korean Healing Table Algoldor Korean dinner shared with the artistic community La General.
France Normandi Hacker Community in Countryside Korean Healing Table Algoldor We shared food and drinks with start up hackercommunity and local people.
Belgium Antwerp VoidWarranties Korean Healing Table Algoldor Lovely event after year and half with hacker community in Antwerp.
Germany Darmstadt MRMCD 2015 congress 4-6 Sep 2015 MRMCD 2015 Workshops Algoldor We will build up Food Hacking Base there
Serbia Novi Sad BalCCon congress 11-13 Sep 2015 Variety Algoldor Will build up Food Hacking Base there
Austria Wien Metalab 22-23/9/2015 Korean Healing Table; Kombucha is easy! Not confirmed yet
Germany Berlin c-base 26-27/9/2015 Korean Healing Table; Kombucha is easy! Not confirmed yet