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One of the most important things which we have to decide on is "how do we want to do it?" meaning mostly in this case the practical way of building up a prototype. Below are strategies which we were implementing so far.

experimental_incubator - news

Short time goal - 3-4 prototype build up (deadline end of April 2014)

By the end of April we want to have three to four prototypes running in different locations so we can test in reality the design which we choose to apply. The aim is to measure, display and control temperature, both heating and cooling using the kit which we presented at 30c3, sharing updates through Github. Next step after few months of testing, reporting on the progress and summarizing of the results will be design of the PCB boards, most likely due at the end of July or during August.

  • Industrial prototyping

Inspired by my (Algoldor's) friend Arnd we choose to go by "industrial prototyping". Simplified: get well supported and functional parts for bit of extra cash and build up the first functional prototype from them. Afterwards when the prototype is working, start to break it down part by part redesigning them or using another cheaper/more feasible variants shaping the incubator to your like, bringing the costs down. This approach seems to be bit more expensive to start with but it ensures that even less experienced contributors to the project would be able to build their functional experimental machine, having than what to work with which I think is crucial. For more info please check this page created at Techinc hackerspace by Arnd. Till we get a proper PCB design and assembled kit you need to have some certain electronic skills set to get "smoothly involved" in the project. The more easy to put together kit option should be ready for 31c3 in December 2014.

  • Parts needed to build up prototype/kit for 30c3

(parts suggested based on industrial prototyping scheme)

Component Function Model Specifications Amount Cost (€) Purchase links Component Suggested by
Arduino Board (clone OK) easy prototyping ??? 1x 15 DealExtreme Arnd
Arduino prototyping shield for easy prototyping ??? 1x 2 DealExtreme Arnd
LCD Display display data ??? 1x 7 DealExtreme Arnd
Temperature sensors to measure temp. ??? 2x 8 DealExtreme Arnd
Solid state relay switch on/off 220V elements ??? 2x 6-10 DealExtreme Arnd
H-bridge changing polarity of peltier ??? 1x 13-16 Ebay Arnd
RTC (real-time-clock) module keep count of time DS1302 based 1x 3 DealExtreme Arnd
Connectors for temp-probes connect the temp-probes ??? 2x 1 DealExtreme Arnd&Erwin
Pin Headers for Arduino (package of 5pcs) to connect boards ??? 1x 5 DealExtreme Arnd
Thermopaste to connect heatsinks to peltier ??? 1x 5 DealExtreme Algoldor
peltier element for heating/cooling ??? 2x 8 GM electronics Lars/Algoldor
cooler for heat distributiong ??? 2x ??? Arctic Lars, Algoldor