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14-16th of February, starting time 19:00 14/2/2014

It is here and you are welcome to join it! Synchronous hackathon which will start on 14th of February (Friday) and go on till Sunday 16th, lovely 48 hours one go for the ones who are for it, rest can take it more easy of course! Anyone who would like to share their food, beverage and bio hacks is welcome! Bring some cool local specialities, drinks etc. and share it together and do not forget to let others know about that collecting recipes, photos, manuals and video streams on the topic.

It will be also the last "official big" event of the currently happning Food Hacking Base Food Hacking tour, we will go crazy in ProgressBar, Bratislava, Slovak Republic and you will hear about it!

Places involved:

Hacker space City Country Workshops/Events Person to contact Links to recources
ProgressBar Bratislava Slovak Republic 48 hours of everything! Algoldor, Juraj GeneralInfo Note -1

Note 1 - Program in ProgressBar

Here it is quite simple, we will start around 19:00 on Friday evening (14/2) and will rock and roll for 48 hours so till Sunday (16/2) and after that we will take it more easy. The program will be wide, definitely number of workshops and demonstrations of variety of preparations techniques ranging from kefir, tempeh, gulas, we may go through the paleolithic diet and much much more! We will take notes, put down the manuals, update the old ones, take photos and maybe even a video stream or two who knows :-) however most of all we will have a good time creating, sharing and being together, that is the way, that is the goal!