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Panier/basket of freshly harvested apples
Sacs with harvested apples in traditional orchard
Selekce produktů
Tasting all together, 36c3

This event is dedicated to cider, cidre, sidra or how ever you would like to call a beverage prepared by fermentation of apple juice. The fallowing description is for Cidre Flows run by Algoldor.

Ideology&Selection The aim of this event is both to educate people about this product in a nice and friendly social environment. I try to provide a high quality selection focusing on a really special samples, still I do like to include few "standard quality" samples for comparison (however they may be avoided depending on the event requirements). At the core of the tasting are French ciders, especially the Normandie region and partly Bretagne. Concerning geography we try to have at least sample or two from Spain, England, Czech Republic, Germany and other countries, depending what interesting samples I find. From the point of view of style of production we have the most complicated "natural ciders" made from cider apples, they are mostly bio/organic, nothing added, not filtered, most of them secondary fermented in bottle (prise de mousse naturelle). That would be the high end. Other ones are prepared with use of filtration, carbonation, pasteurization, made from eating apples and son on, each sample has unique history. I do like to include one or two poirés (perry) into the selection, it happens quite often that it is the first poiré which people had in their life. Also it is custom for me now to have some cider related products like pommeau, calvados or vinegar.

Style This is a guided tasting. First I talk a bit about history and basic facts about cider. After that I explain how to evaluate the product properly. This means the colour, proper manner of aroma evaluation and tasting. We used proper "closed" glasses by the way. Concerning the products we start with the extra-bruts and we go in the direction of increasing sweetness towards bruts, demi-secs and douce. By the end we taste some special cider related products. I do my best to post info about ciders which we taste, so you can more easily find the product which you liked.

Most Frequent Candidates Here you can find some tips, ciders which I either liked or I still do introduce at my tastings. Not all of them are always "on" but several of them are core members of the tasting. It changes of course with time to reflect the seasonality and the specificity of the product.

List of Ciders

Cidre Name Producer Amount Country of origin Person Trafficking it Notes
Opiédumur Lemasson Cidrerie Lemasson Le Vaucher, 50570 Cametours, Normandie, France 75 cl Algoldor Top batch of the year, 5% alc. brewer Damien Lemasson, produced at la Ferme du Vaucher, bottle fermented.
Le Paf La Ferme du Vastel 6 Le Hameau Vastel, Tuerthéville-Bocage, 50630, France 75 cl Algoldor Demi-sec, bio, high quality, hand picked, wild fermented, season 2014, bottle fermented.
Le Grosse Brute La Ferme du Vastel 6 Le Hameau Vastel, Tuerthéville-Bocage, 50630, France 75 cl Algoldor Cidre which reminds old style traditional farmer cidre which is hard to come by these days with slide acetic volatile, 5% alc, bottle fermented.
Cidre du Pays de Quimperle Des Bouteilles à l'Àmère Marc Frocrain & Isabelle Richard, Vieux village du Kérou, 29 360 Clohars-Carnoët, France 75 cl Algoldor Really nice cider from Bretagne, Finistère, small high quality production.
Extra Brut Les Vergers de la Chapelle Les Vergers de la Chapelle, 36 Route de Cantepie, 50500 Auvers, France 75 cl Algoldor Extra brut millésime 2015, organic, smaller production, gold medial in it's category in Cidre Cottentin 2019 competition, bottle fermented.
Brut Algoldor, Cidrerie Jara Val de Saire, Valcanville, France 75 cl Algoldor Brut, organic, hand picked, wild fermentation, millésime 2017, bottle fermented.
Black Fox Cider Dunkertons Organic Cider London Rd, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham GL52 6UT, United Kingdom 500 ml??? Algoldor Medium dry, sparkling, 7% alc. winner of our cidre flows at EMF2018 in UK.
Bio sidro allo Zenzero e mela Floribunda Strada Principale 78, 39025 Naturno - Alto Adige, Italia 75 cl Algoldor I would say brut, with very nice flavour of ginger, added honey, 6% alc. no sulphates added, bottle fermented.
Poiré Domfront Pacory, Ferme des Grimaux Les Grimaux, 61350 Mantilly, Basse Normandie, France 75 cl Algoldor Fourth generation of cider and poiré makers, Domfront regional poiré (one of my favourits). 4% alc, bottle fermented.
Cidronoix Maison Rouge Mathias Faurie, Molières, Périgord, France 75 cl Algoldor Interesting cider from South of France with marination of walnuts.
Guillevic Cidrerie du Pays d'Auray Yves Maho, Lieu dit Kervihern, 56550 Locoal Mendon, France 75 cl Algoldor Nice, sweeter style of guillevic, prise de mousse naturelle.
Kliment Cidre Brut 2014 Cidrerie Kliment Cidrerie Kliment Všenory, Na Návsi 37, 252 31, Praha-západ, Czech Republic 75 cl Algoldor Cidre brut made in French style but from Czech aples, 5.4% alc, bottle fermented.
Bjor Vikingcider med mjødurt Balholm Balholm, Villavegen 14, 6899 Balestrand, Norway 75 cl Algoldor Cidre with honey and meadowsweet (Filiopendula ulmaria) 14% alc.
Euskal Sagardoa Bereziartuasagardoa Bere-Aran Extea - Ipparalde Bidea 16, 20115 - Astigarraga (Gipuzkoa), Spain 75 cl Algoldor Sidra natural, made 100% from apples from Basque County, volatile acidity: 1.5-2, 6% alc.
Stassen Cider Stassen Stassen SA, Rue de Kan 7, 4880 Aubel, Belgium 75 cl Algoldor Big producer in Belgium, 5% alc.
Odnasilder Rosé 2017 Siidritalu Tori Siidritalu, Jõesuu, 86802 Pärnu maakond, Estonia 75 cl Algoldor Cidre rosé with Aronia, 5.8% alc.
Suchý Cider Tátův Sad V Líšnici 17, Praha – západ, PSČ 56184 (probably), Czech Republic 500ml Algoldor Polosuchý cider, 6.2% alc.