Chaos Communication Camp 2015

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Food Hacking Base at Chaos Communication Camp 2015

The most updated info is now at the CCC camp wiki under Food Hacking Base village

Chaos Communication Camp 2015 - preparations

This wiki section is dedicated to the Food Hacking Base (fhb) group to make our preparations for the event more easy and systematic.


Here you can find a basic overview of what and when we should do from the opening first field day to the complete wrap up.


All the main projects and activities should be in this section, well in advance would be preferred.

Crazy ideas

We're building a temporary wood-fired pizza/bread oven for camp! See

If you are thinking about anything else "truly special" to do with fhb at the event this is most likely the best place to shape it.

Members, users and supporters

Who will participate? Sign up here!


We will need better communication and organization structure so we came up this time with setting up a teams, chaotic but well ...


It would be nice to have around us kind of "ring" of friendly faces, therefore subvillages are welcome!


Here are our requirments and projections for the event.