Meeting Notes 2017 6 22

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Here you can find agenda and meeting notes from the fhb meeting on Thursday 22nd of June.

People present


  • beginning and end of crowd-sourcing campaign, financial goal
  • who will be coordinating workshop section, especially 1-2 weeks before the event
  • synchronization of the fhb village sha2017 wiki with our fhb wiki as a back up solution if the main wiki goes down - Algoldor suggests at least making copy of the "List of the events" at fhb on Day 0, brabo suggests more dynamic approach of real time synchronization through script. Eric points out this article on extensions-external articles. We need to have a look on this issue.
  • Algoldor has issues with his back this past month and it doesn't really improve very much, so there may be limitation on what he can move around during preparations for SHA2017 - especially heavy stuff.
  • Algoldor's camera seems broken, so no device to take photos to promote our crowdsourcing campaign for sha etc.
  • Probiotic Drinks Everywhere (pde) project page is up and extra info will be added soon!