Meeting Notes 2017 6 15

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Here you can find agenda and notes from the 15/6/2017 fhb meeting.


  • "support us" section - we need to fill it up probably Bigmac should do that because this time all the funds will go directly to him. Are you OK to take care about that Bigmac?
  • Budget - we need to decide what should be our budget, there is already proposal by Bigmac, we will use it as a base and do updates?
  • we need to get our labels and hopefully aprons sorted
  • Do we want to do "Food Hacking Base SHA2017 Camp Party"? If so when?
  • Do we want to do again "thematic evening workshops" which will provide food for the "thematic dinner"?
  • Algoldor would like to do these projects at SHA2017 - probiotic drinks everywhere (as at previous events), angel balls (also done before but just a bit) and "SCOBY Bioleather". All of the three projects should be within 200 eu total, biggest investment would be 100 eu or so for the 1 kg of organic green tea powder used for the angel balls and 25 kg of organic light brown sugar for the ferments.


  • algoldor send email to the and to regain access details for both accounts (done on 12/6)
    • failed to fallow the procedure, too complicated for him
  • algoldor tested fhb mailing list, using the account, it works well even people at XS4ALL
  • email send by Algoldor to webmind who is on the team villages opening the discussion of fhb presence at the camp