Meeting Notes 2016 12 18

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Next meeting of Food Hacking Base (fhb) will happen on Sunday 18/12/2016 at 18:00 CET at IRC, oftc network at #foodhackingbase channel.

Agenda for the meeting:

  • fermenting apple juice (federweisser)
  • wishlist of gear/tools
  • date of the next meeting: probably five days minus from Day 0 and after that meeting every day at least once.
  • fhb spendings
  • fhb crowdsourcing campaign
  • who is on the ground and since when
  • update about the transport of fhb equipment and transportation

People Present Algoldor, Ofosos, Bigmac

Notes from the meeting:

  • fhb transportation. Algoldor just got R21 Nevada, borrowed trailer from bigmacfoobar so we have transportation. TheWe got jigsaw, sanding machine, power drill (bettery driven drill and screwdriver), borrowed the cyrcular saw alternator/dynamo is dead so I need to be charging the battery when ever I can but we will make it somehow (the engine has no turbo so it can run with battery completely dead if necessary).
  • fhb spendings. We have made a sheet on google drive for our spendings. At the moment Algoldor has spend around 300 eu (which should be reimbursed later on), Ofosos spend/is going to spend around 150 eu if not more (should be covered).
  • making fermented apple juice. Ofosos and Algoldor are into this, part of the ferment will be made from this source
  • we can order some things to Ofosos address in Hamburg
  • posting/promoting of fhb crowdsourcing campaign. Ofosos is OK to post on Wednesday and Thursday, still several days needs do be covered - Algoldor will be transferring and after arriving to CCH maybe offline mostly.
  • wish lit - 20 l pot which is good on induction stove; crusher/mill for apples (electric one)
  • list of equipment which we go. Jigsaw, sanding machine, power drill (battery driven drill and screwdriver), borrowed the circular saw
  • fhb recipes for workshops and in genera. Ofosos is going through that, doing the preparations and edits, using contextgarden and runs it later on through Github