Meeting Notes 2016 11 13

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Here you can find the notes from the meeting on 13/11/2016.

  • Present:

Algoldor, Bigmac, Ofosos, Jglauche, Kliment, Sproet, Alexander

  • Agenda:
    • Preparations for #33c3
      • discussing if to check the place physically and if so who can do that. We could contact the 33c3 orga and ask if we can have a go for 33c3. Ofosos promissed to check the place on Tuesday or later on this week, take some pictures if possible and report. When we have that we will ask orga if we can have the spot.
      • transportation of members and fhb gear to the 33c3
      • Crowdsourcing Campaign - suggested day of starting 18/11/2016, dead line 19/12/2016. Algoldor will prepare the structure.
    • Experimental incubator - we need to check with Arnd if the boards were shipped to him.