Meeting Notes 2016 09 17

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These are notes of Food Hacking Base meeting held on 17/9/2016, note taker Algoldor.


  • Getting in touch with CCC orga. At the current moment we do not have direct connection to ccc orga and after months of sending emails without feedback we need to sort this out very soon because we need to know if we can be participating at the CCH venue or we need to find our own location like the last year with Centro Sociale. Algoldor has posted (17/9 around 20:30) on #33c3 and #33c3-orga at hackint message to CCC orga asking for place so we can participate and suggesting basic requirements.
  • When, where and how frequently should we meet for preparations for 33c3. Having meetings once per week on Sunday would be suitable for ofosos and algoldor, no one else expressed opinion at the moment. Timing for now could be 13:00 CET which would mean that the next meeting will be on Sunday 25/9/2016 at 13:00 CET.