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Gimbab and samgak gimbab, JS.

This event has been at least temporarily suspended. We do not have proper rice cooker and we are missing person who would help out who is doing kimbab/norimaki on regular bases, I, Algoldor feel bit rusty. If someone shows up and we sort out the rice preparation then we will do it.

This workshop will be hands on preparation of Korean gimbab/norimaki sushi. We will make the basic rice mix, cut wide varieties of ingredients and roll it in. It will be more about "lets do it" and eat it, than talking about the history of the preparation, variety of options etc. In South Korea, gimbab is omnipresent dish which you can get in the morning at your local supermarket made by the family running the place as your breakfast or morning snack for $2 each or at variety of stands offering mandu/damplings, fried stuff to quite fancy restaurants. Simple, tasty and healthy but keep an eye on "expiration date", it doesn't last very long and it is really best when eaten fresh. If in mood and the times allows we could also make samgak kimbab (삼각김밥) which is compact triangular version of the same.

This workshop is based on "donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds". Part of the workshop benefits goes towards fhb budget and hopefully larger part towards Algoldor's pocket to cover participation costs at 37c3 event and if some extras are accumulated, then towards current and future fermentation projects.