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We are the Food Hacking Base (fhb), a bunch of hackers from all over the world who share the love of experimenting with food and beverages. We have been promoting these concepts for nearly a decade by now at some of the world major hacker events, for more info well check these pages. We are building tools, trying out new techniques, paying attention to the wisdom of traditional societies. Merging this ancient knowledge with today's scientific understanding and technology are some of our areas of interest.

Next Event: May Contain Hackers 2022 (fhb wiki page, fhb village page at mch wiki), 22-26th of July 2022, we will be participating at mch with the classic fhb set up.

Bon appetit!
Experimental incubator at C-Base
Indonesian workshop at 2011 CCC camp
Uli serving the pizza at 2011 CCC camp

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