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Well prepared ground, Vicel, Normandie, 2023.
Making 25 kg bags during harvesting season 2023, Normandie.
Pressing of apples 2022 season.
Emptying marc de pommes after pressing, Normandie, 2023.
Bottling during 2022 season.
Distillation with Benoît, 2023.

We will go through the cider season as it is done in Normandie, France by me, Algoldor. We will talk about it from the point of view of person who does it on yearly basis since 2016 and from 2019 on commercial level. There will be some theory but we will have more practical approach. We will talk about care of the orchard, ways of harvesting, pressing, subsequent fermentation and bottling. During the event we will do tasting of some of the ciders and vinegar for example so you have the first hand experience.

The participation is based on "donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds". For the interested ones at the end of the event some of the ciders and product by Cidrerie Jara will be offered for suggested donation or sold, word it as you like. Few to several bottles should be fine but it is proffered to do "business" after or before the event out of ccc "premises". We want to avoid "over" commercialization of both CCC events and Food Hacking Base (fhb). We do deliveries both by post and for bigger amounts by car around Europe and the shipping is quite reasonable. Of course I would be happy to give this talk in your community, get in touch and lets talk about it.