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Welcome to the Fhb crowd ...

Campaign status

  • Total amount desired: € 4000.00
  • Number of donations: 0
  • Total amount received/pledged: € 0.00
  • Updated 15/12/2023

Finally after several years 37th Chaos Computer Club Congress alias 37c3 is approaching and Food Hacking Base (fhb) plans to be there in it's full glory! As a group we come together, talk and decide what do we do and how this time and hopefully also with your help we make it happen. We do again Independent Crowdsourcing Campaign which so far worked well for us. It is not a rocket science, most of you know already very well the whats and hows. All the important info about this project and how to support are either on this page or at FHB at 37c3 2023. Please read it well, we hope you will find it interesting and you help us to make it better. Spread the word and of course and if you can, support it also by chipping in some money in your preferred form, big thanks!


What is actually Food Hacking Base (fhb)? Simply put it is an independent project focusing on food, drink and bio activities happening at main hacker events since CCC camp 2011 in Finowfurt. It is run by enthusiast who love to play with variety of above mentioned stuff, welcoming new people who wants to come and run the show together while being as excellent to each other as they can. As a group we will set up a well organized experimental kitchen, workshop venues, presentation desk and other needed facilities creating food, drink and bio hub sharing the knowledge and experience. It is an open platform focusing on experimental and educational so you can join variety of interesting activities ranging from entry friendly tasting events like our famous "Cheese Rendezvous" or bit more educational and practical workshops like "Kimchi Making" et cetera. The schedule (loe) will be packed with events, therefore many reasons for you to visit us. For all of this and more we need people who make it happen, who tell others what is it about, spreading the word and of course we need you to contribute also financially if you can. Some of us have more time but less money and for some it is the other way around. It is up to you to consider your particular situation and your preferred form of supporting this project, we appreciate it all, just lets make it happen!


You can donate in the following ways:

  • Bank transfer IBAN : CZ68 2010 0000 0020 0083 3482 (€), BIC : FIOBCZPPXXX, Bank account holder : František Apfelbeck, Bank's name : Fio Banka as. address : Millennium Plaza, V Celnici 10, 117 21 Praha 1, The Czech Republic, phone : +420 224 346 800, with description 37c3 plus "perk name" if you claim one.
  • Bitcoin donation to wallet 1FHB34c3EyT9FQMAPS6CbGAxAWtei9bNe5
  • Ethereum 0xf4b34c355fb11e953c3e67e520fc65764045d61d
  • Monero donation to wallet 8A7WmKuTFRf5njTv8KUShb9uin5sc1ceABhTEUkJDhWz5ghUhZtPAd2c3vZdrUyXqiN7GoFELnG6qc4JLZFnneVL2dodRck
    Monero Donations
  • pledge to pay the amount at 37c3 in cash (send us email for this pledge!)

Most of the details above have been used by our group during last years and it worked very well for us!


* Access to all (€125)

Price: €125 Available: 13 Claimed: 0

You will be (one of) the guest of honor at any fhb activity at 37c3 which includes all our daily meals and coffee as you please. Also importantly every workshop is waiting for you! Of course if you feel helping a bit around we would appreciate it, after all we are all in the same boat and someone just have to do the dishes ... Please sign in for the events you are interested in so we can secure your place. Do not forget write the perk name when making the contribution.

* Hungry hacker (€60)

Price: €60 Available: 13 Claimed: 0

If €125 for everything is too much for you, maybe support us with €60 then. You can visit us any time and enjoy food which we have to offer, 3 meals a day usually. This perk does not include access to all events - if you want to join there, follow sign-up procedure and the suggested donation for that event if there is one. And of course if you can help us out to make it all happen, like cleaning dishes etc, well super! Do not forget to write the perk name when making the contribution.

* Hungry yougster (€30)

Price: €30 Available: 8 Claimed: 0

If you're under 16, want to join in for food, and don't mind helping out with preparation or cleaning, then this is the donation that just covers our food cost (not the overhead). Do not forget write the perk name when making the contribution.

* Coffee Addict (€20)

Price: €20 Available: 20 Claimed: 0

Come and get your daily caffeine shots! Taste our coffees during the event whenever you feel like and we will try to provide variety of utilities to make them so you can pick up your favorite and of course main ingredient of high quality. Do not forget write this perk name when making the contribution.

* Cidre Flows pass (€25)

Selection of ciders and condiments

Price €25 Available: 7 Claimed: 0

You will be welcome to our cider tasting which we have been "honing" for several years. The range of the ciders is considerable. We will focus on high quality, preferably bio products and of course home made samples which you should bring if you can please (they may be tasted by the "end" of the event)! We will have also cidre related products like pommeau, chouchen (not the mead but cidre fermented with honey), poiré et cetera. Please keep in mind that this tasting designed for up to 25 people will cost us between 150-200 eu just in products so if you can support bit extra please do, it is worth of it! We will also have some of the products in extra quantity for you for suggested donation. Please sign in here (list created soon) for the self organized session so we can keep track more easily or send email to Algoldor. Do not forget write the perk name when making the contribution.

* Cheese Rendezvous pass (€25)

FHB cheese rendez-vous, SHA2017.

Price: €25 Available: 15 Claimed: 0

Food Hacking Base Cheese Rendezvous is one of our top tasting events. We go through 20-30 samples of high quality cheeses and condiments with people who know. There is big interest in this event, this is your chance to get your spot, plus helping us to fund this event which costs us easily over €150 in investments in advance. If you are into cheeses and you are coming to the 37c3 don't miss this one and do not forget to bring some interesting samples! The truffle cheese is the unofficial winner of last several events, but mimolette, comté, gouda (oud) and others are also worth of your attention! Please sign in here (sign form available soon) for the self organized session, so we can keep track more easily. Do not forget write the perk name when making the contribution.

* kimchi making pass (€25)

Making kimchi together.

Price €25 Available: 7 Claimed: 0

If you are interested in fermentation of kimchi making some lovely dishes from them, this is a good opening session for you. If you book now by getting this perk you are in, congratulations. Please sign in here (sign in form available soon) for the self organized session, so we can keep track more easily. Do not forget write the perk name when making the contribution.