Chili tasting hands on workshop 36c3

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Chiltepin chillies
Several chillies

Chillies (capsicum) is a plant which evolved to be eaten by birds, as birds lack the receptor to capsaicin, the stuff which makes chillies hot. The original chilli plant, chiltepin, grows the fruit on top to be better accessible to birds (see picture on the right).

Humans are, of course, sensitive to capsaicin. This does not prevent some of them eating the fruits, on the contrary. Chillies originate from the Americas, but were quickly adopted throughout the old word. The adoption was so quick that a century after the discoveries of the Americas, chillies were already considered to be part of the traditional staple diet in several part of the old world, to the bewilderment of ethnologists.

There are several varieties of chilli cultivar of various hotness, between the not spicy sweet bell pepper to the extremely hots Bhut Jolokia and Carolina Reaper.

A tasting is planned at 36C3. You may also get seeds to grow your own plants on day 3, ask lefrog or come to seed exchange.