32c3 Snack-Cart (fhb)

32c3 FHB Snack-Cart Project Proposal -sustaining the Christmas's cheer-

Table of Contents

1 Goal / Manifesto

To sustain the Christmas's cheer at the 32c3 by continuing food-service well into the night. Normal folks stop eating at 8pm to prepare to sleep on an empty stomach. Hackers tend to stay up a bit later. To facilitate those who keep hacker hours a snack cart is proposed to provide nutritions and flavorful hacker-made=home-made food to participants after mid-night–in style.

2 Scope

This document outlines the procurement, construction, set-up, and planned execution for fhb's operation of an all-night snack-cart at teh 32c3.

3 Cart


Example Cart Configuration

The cart should be decked out with a big LED sign on top, a barrel of cider in the middle, and shelfs below containing pumpkin pie, and pumpkin soup.

3.1 Vehicle


  • TODO Relevant dimensions for accessibility and shelving unit size
  • TODO Order the thing to staging area or conf

3.2 Sign

Ideally an LED lit chalk display held above the cart to advertise its presence and warez

  • TODO Contact hackerspace to get assistance with elaborate LED sign
    • extremly bright lights on charged capacitors for triggerable burst mode

3.3 Barrel

  • TODO Order barrell
  • TODO Would be nice to have a local staging area to collect the supplies in advance of the event rather than rely on deliverys at the time of the event ( holiday season )

3.4 Storage Unit

Sturdy shelves to hold approx 120KG (100L/KG liquid) and mount the sign

The idea is to modify a used dresser / bureau. Drill a big hole or two in it to support the sign. The barrel will rest on top of the bureau at approximately waist height, maybe have a recessed soup bowl with heater below? battery for sign and plates and cups in the drawers

  • TODO Find an appropriate unit

4 Food Stufss

4.1 Cider

  • Pear Cider
    Lightly spiced with aromatic rose petals and cardimon
  • Apple Cider
    Lightly Spiced

4.2 Pumpkin Pie

  • From sweet kerbi mocasta

4.3 Pumpkin Soup

  • From sweet kerbi mocasta

5 Operation Plan

We would put a suggested donation amount on the chalk board.

6 Site requirements

Need on site a cold storage area to keep the liquids ( outside? ), this area must be accessible to the cart. Cold storage tanks must be at shoulder height so a gravity pump can be used to fill the cart's reservoir.

6.1 TODO Locate cold storage area

6.2 FHB Kitchen

  • TODO Get stove

Author: Joe and brabo

Date: 2015-10-26 23:04:07 CET

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