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Campaign status

  • Total amount desired: € 6 000.00
  • Number of donations: 0
  • Total amount received/pledged: € 00.00
  • Updated 25/2/2020

The target of this crowdfunding or rather "friendfunding" campaign is to help me to complete my first commercial cider season, 2019. I've been fermenting for over a decade but this is a first time when I can actually make real money from my beloved activity. I've a bit over 90 hl (9 000 l) of cider fermenting, results of my hard work last autumn. All apples were manually harvested, organic (no certification but no treatments), fermentation with natural yeast on the apples, nothing added during the fermentation, later on fermented naturally in the bottle. I put already over 5 000€ in and things look really good. I need another €6 000 to finish everything properly and by the book. This includes bottles, corks, capsules, muselets for bottling but also importantly costs of distillation because not all the cider will be good enough for bottling. I also need to have ready a special "deposit" for the French government, worth of 10% of value of my products. The list could go on and on. I highly appreciate any support here, it is the 2019 and upcoming 2020 seasons when I will need help. After that I can start to sell my products and things will get better. Of course I'm offering some cider perks. Please be aware that the cider needs to finish it's fermentation in the bottle, so it will be not ready before August, after than it needs to be stored if possible below 10°C. Many thanks for your support and if you have any further questions, please have a look on "details" below or get in touch. Merci!


You can donate in the following ways:

  • Bank transfer to Frantisek Apfelbeck's (Algoldor's) bank account:
    • IBAN : FR76 1660 6100 1084 8435 1462 511
    • BIC: AGRIFRPP866
    • Please add the description "cidre2019" plus "perk name" if you claim one
  • Bitcoin donation receiving address (Algoldor's bitcoin wallet): 1AxX8BMNs4fnZXyCpZURqtMDiP1yGY3YMS
    • Please add the description "cidre2019" plus "perk name" if you claim one
  • PayPal Send money to: - please use the "Send money to a friend" function and include your Name, Nickname and "cidre2019" plus "perk name" if you claim one. Thanks!