Recipe:Makgeolli brewing manual - short workshop form

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Draft for makgeolli brewing


Rice 1kg

Water 1 liter(1.2liter)

Nuruk 100g


stainless steel bowls, colander, rice paddle, kettle, fermentation container(glass , plastic or ceramic), steamer, cloth, cooling rack, filtering pocket

Working manual

Making Godubop

1. preparing rice -washing, wash the rice till the washed water is cleaned -soaking, soak in the water at least 2-3 hours -draining, drain the water from the rice in a colander for 40min

2. steaming -boil the water 15 min under the rice steamer(pre-heating) -steam the rice in a wet hemp cloth for 40~50 min -turn off the heat and allow to rest in the steamer for another 10-20min

3. cooling -spread out the rice on the hemp cloth, using the rice paddle to break up the large clumps. -cool down until the temperature is 25C


1. we will use the water is limeless and room temperature.

2. Pour the water over the godubap in a large bowl. Massage the godubap and water with palm of your hand until godubap absorbs the water.

3. Add the nuruk and mix well.

4. Pour the mixture of 3 into the fermentation container.

5. Label the name and the date on the container and talk with your makgeolli mixture.


1. leave to ferment at 25~30C(below 30C)

2. Mix well once or twice per a day for 2days to encourage aerobic fermentation (this type of fermentation they need a little air during 2 or 3 days)

3. rest and leave it with a lid tightly 20~25C(non aerobic)


1. after one week the makgeolli is ready to harvest.

2. Pour the fermented rice mixture into the filtering pocket and squeeze all the liquid out Into a stainless steel bowl.

3. Bottle the makgeolli and keep in the cool temperature and enjoy!!!