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Experimental Incubator Crowdsourcing campaign who is in? 20/8/2014

Crowdsourcing campaign for experimental incubator, late September 1000-1500 EU, who is in? In short I (Algoldor) would like to know who would be ready to chip some time and energy into preparation and running of the crowdsourcing campaign for the Experimental Incubator Project which next prototype we are developing for 31c3? I would suggest to aim for 1000-1500 eu goal flexible campaign so something what we have proven to reach several times already. The goals for the project would be creation of PCB based design (Arnd is working on it), physical printed PCB's based on this design which will be tested allowing temperature measurement and control. There should be also 2-3 fully functional prototypes, probably peltier based which we will demonstrate at the event. It would be nice to have 10-20 kits with the electronic parts (without the heating/cooling elements) available for people involved in this project (so they do not have to pay for everything - time and energy should do) and for price to the people who would like to join - to make it more easy for them. 2-3 fully functional prototypes (control units and heating/cooling systems) to share after the event among the group or for price give away would be great.

Not all of mentioned above has to be done yet (these are suggestions) and it doesn't have to be covered by this campaign only, because at the end of November or during December before CCC we will run another campaign as usually. So what do you think? If interested please get in touch in any manner mentioned here How to get in touch or otherwise.



Prototypes running, PCB preparations, water kefir project 6/7/2014

Lets start from the end, shall we? We have started to work on a development of growing media which will make tibicos (water kefir) grains grow well increasing their size and weight and produce tasty beverage. More info can be found here under the granos tibicos growing media project. We have also uploaded two new manuals, one for culturing Tempeh and second for nattō, the later is till in development.

Concerning the incubators, they are being further tested. In both Marcel's and my case the cooling is still an issue, there were several problems with the peltiers which should be noted - some of the modules broke down. Marcel suggests to use for CPU designed water cooling system on the hot side of the peltier. In my case Algoldor I've been making nattō heating up to 42-43°C for over 32 hours, all going well but I've to report that the heatsink got really hot, bit dangerous I would say with my current establishment, I should rebuild the heating/cooling unit enclosure and anyone who is ready to go to build their prototype should really keep the high levels of heat in mind, be safe!

At the moment we are preparing for the PCB version of 2.2 mamut tamna. When Arnd is back from his holiday we hope to progress. I'm thinking about talking to the people from the Seeedstudio in China, Shenzhen if they would be interested in helping with the PCB prototype finalization and hopefully after debugging put it online to their store as a kit. Anyway we will see about it, it is as long distance run :-)

That would be all for now, so the plan for the next month and a bit is to get more people into the granos tibicos/water kefir growing media project, improving the nattō manual and concerning the incubator work on the cooling of the peltiers and progressing on designing of the PCB prototype of 2.2 mamut tamna.

Busy times sounds like, right?



Nattō culturing Marcel playing with pelties set up at for the 2.1 mamut tamna

Progressing on the incubator etc. 12/6/2014

Hi to all,

we have done more testing on the experimental incubator prototype 2.1 mamut, in this case Marcel and me Algoldor, you can see updates here

Experimental incubator prototype designing

At the moment the major issues are improving the cooling and getting h-bridge which would allow for a simple switching between cooling and heating.

I'm also working on the blog post about the Food Hacking Base and Dancing_Drops 2014 Europe winter tour. It goes slowly and I would definitely like to add your impressions, you can do so here on our draft

We have done also bit of updates on our wiki in general and we are keeping the Facebook group quite busy, occasionally posting to the discuss lists.

Anyway thanks for your attention and have a good time!

For FHB,



Blog post about FHB activities at 30c3 is up! 19/3/2014

Hi to all, this is just a short echo, the blog post about our activities at 30c3 is finally up on our WordPress blog

please disseminate!

Having more photos next time would be lovely :-) We can still edit and add stories of course.

Talk to you soon,


Experimental Incubator Mailing list created!

we have a new mailing list dedicated especially to the experimental incubator project. Many thanks to Steffen who made it happen!

If you like to subscribe please send an email to

and confirm your request when you receive the "confirmation email".

Welcome to this communication media, I will post more tomorrow when I hope most of us are in, but if you could start to think about recapitulating what you have done so far on the variety to this topic related project and summarize it that would be lovely :-)

Sincerely from Jeju,


PS Please let know the people who you think should know about it, thanks!

Korean Dinner - Healing Table 13/1/2014

For the ones who are interested in the Korean style dinner which we are giving during the tour please check our short blog post on the topic

"Korean healing table"

Please have fun and enjoy, recipes will be added soon!