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To get resources which we need we are happy to receive funding in many different forms. The financial contributions can be made by bitcoins, PayPal or Banktransfers for more info check below or ask on our mailing list or IRC. We aim for 600-1000 eu collected in donations before the end of event 5/9/2015, keeping our budget in plus numbers. We really appreciate your contribution!

  • Bitcoins - we are happy to accept Bitcoins, please use this wallet: 1Ph2ce4rUZei5Bz9GXESAHduczBY2QP2FT

  • PayPal - send money to our treasurer, PayPal related email - bigmac (at ) xs4all (dot) nl and add the message "donation to fhb for MRMCD2015" or something like that

  • Cash - pop in during the event and support us at any time!