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Food Hacking Base at MRMCD 2015 Info page

mrmcd2015/Support us

To make the Food Hacking Base project happen at the event we need your support, please read here and donate to our project!

How to get in touch

If you like to get in touch, get involved et cetera just do so!


Let's gather together sharing tasty dishes, drinks having a good time when at it! We focus on learning, teaching and experimenting and we do hang out later on too. We will have experimental kitchen and workshop venue as usually, plus all the supporting structures like washing area allowing us to do wide variety of food&beverage hacking activities. You can join our workshops, give some if you like, or just come, have a chat, check out what we are up to and relax before your next presentation …


“Be excellent to each other” is our creed and we stick to it. Be sensitive about the follow foodhackers around you, keeping them safe from your experimental frenzy and give them your ear if they need it. It is a long ride through the life, many experiences therefore to grow with "swarms" of mistakes on the way, however keep in mind that it is the community which matters and you are it's part, be happy :-).


This is the preview of how we would like the fhb look like at MRMCD 2015, for more detailed info please check the section.


Independent funding is how we exist so if you want to see this happen please do chip in (for more information how to support go to Food Hacking Base/Support Us)! Here Under the budget section is an overview of how much is needed by financial means, when and for what. The goal is to rise around €600-1000 before and during the whole event to keep the project in plus numbers. We invest a part of money in permanent infrastructure items such as kitchenware, covering hopefully part of our "new" second hand trailer investment too ...


Of course we will prepare and share variety of amazing dishes and drinks, in this section you will find how do we plan to do so from scheduling the shifts for breakfast, lunch and dinner, to who is in, how to chip in etc. just have a look to see the details!


We serve as a hub sharing knowledge and experience both practically and theoretically. You can come and join us learning how to make homemade cheese, realize that brewing your kombucha is easy or make some homemade cosmetics ... "Cheese randevou tasting" will be there to broaden your horizons and many others. All donation based no one turned away for lack of funds, just check it out!


These activities are centered around a specific topic like for example brewing, or building an experimental incubator and are going to include workshops, talks and gatherings which will go on during the congress. As during previous years fermentations will be there including for example Probiotic Drinks Everywhere] and experimental incubator project as examples.

mrmcd2015/Gear, Tools and Ingredients

As usually our "wish list" of what we would like to get for this event is here. If you can bring some gear please let us know, it helps! We gathered over the years our own repository which we bring to the events. Our budget will serve as a "buffer" in case that some of the equipment which we use would be damaged, so we can replace it/repay it.

List of all FHB events

Below is the list of the fhb events and events which will be run at fhb by others.

Day Time Event name Event type Max number of participants Location Funding Coordinator
Day 1 17:00-19:00 Introduction to Soybean Fermentation hands on workshop 15 sign up preferred Food Hacking Base tent donation at your will Algoldor
Day 1 Friday 4th 21:00-23:00 FHB Magical Spirit Box tasting alcohol tasting 25 Food Hacking Base tent donation at your will Bigmac, Algoldor
Day 2 Saturday 5th 14:00-16:00 Kombucha is easy! hands on workshop 15 (sign up preferred) Food Hacking Base tent donation at your will Algoldor
Day 2 Saturday 5th 16:00-18:00 Deine Selbstgemachte Hautcreme hands on workshop 8-10 Food Hacking Base tent donation based, 15€ suggested Jennifer Glauche
Day 2 Saturday 5th 20:00-23:00 Cheese Tasting Rendezvous cheese tasting 20 Food Hacking Base tent donation at your will Bigmac
Day 3 - Sunday 6th 11:00-14:00 Kimbab is easy preparing Korean "sushi" together and eating it 15 sign up preferred Food Hacking Base tent donation at your will Eunha
Day 3 - Sunday 6th 11:30 - 12:20 Experimental Fermentation Institutes Network (EFIN) presentation everyone is welcome Höher Venue Algoldor with MRMCD support
Which day What time Name of the event Type of the event Number of participants Location of the event, Workshop Venue number How is it funded Contact on organizer


This section is dedicated to evaluation of this event accumulation the pros versus cons which we went through and which should help us to improve our project for the next events