Meeting notes 2020 01 05

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Here you can find the info from our 67th fhb meeting hold on fifth of January 2020 at 21h00 CET at our #foodhackingbase channel, oftc network, IRC.



  • presentation support - I (Algoldor) would like to suggest getting a microphone and speaker system for the next event so people who give workshops and presentations do not have to shout so much. Especially if someone gets a bit sick it is not easy to make thirty people hear what you say.
  • shops closed on 37C3 - I (Lefrog) Please have a look at a calendar, shops will be closed on days 0, 1 and 2 at 37C3. That will be a challenge.
  • organisation of our events - I (Lefrog) Several events happened at the same time on 36C3. We need to enter them on different rooms or only the last entered event will appear on the general program. I was informed by visitors about that problem and entered a second location "foodhackingbase2" on day 2, but we need to pay more attention at 37C3 and define at least 2 locations: like "kitchen" and "workshop table", for example.
  • donations boxes - I (Lefrog) Some people noted that there was lots of money in our transparent donation box in the morning. While we generally trust people at congress, we should not unnecessarily tempt them. Besides, there have been reports of local without entry bands who entered the grounds for the wrong reasons. We may want to have better donation boxes next year and take care to empty them regularly.
  • pots and pans, hot plates - I (Lefrog). At least one hot plate did not work, please check them beforehand. We also had less pots and pans, but these proved rather beneficial as it forced people to wash what they needed before cooking.
  • sink water heater - I (Lefrog) We apparently got the water heater which failed after a few days at 35C3. This year, it failed after a day and we were told by C3Power that we were only entitled to cold water anyway. As washing is a huge problem at congress (my thanks to all the volunteers!), we took upon ourselves to exchange the heater. I would rather not have that at 37C3 and budget a replacement heater before the event. We may not be able to get one at 37C3 as there are more days when shops are closed.