Meeting notes 2019 09 08

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Here you can find meeting notes from our 56th meeting on Sunday 8th of September at 21h00 at our #foodhackingbase channel, at oftc network IRC.

Present: Bigmac, Cmpxchg, Algoldor, Mrgnz and Lefrog


  • Sleeping arrangements at 36c3, one of the options would be Szene-Kultkneipe Flowerpower 8Pers.
  • check with CCC orga how to book the spot for camper/caravan, info on the topic for 35c3 is here and also here. If we get caravan for free, it would be around €400 for 6 people for 5 nights or €67 per person. We should check first how much would it be to rent a caravan for five to six nights and decide depending on price.
  • experimental incubator - we need to send the sonoffs to the people interested in the project and start to work on the pages of this prototype, including the way how to connect the heating or cooling devices. Some more info about sources are here.