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Workshop manual is shared here.

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This workshop is dedicated to the traditional Korean 김치 (kimchi) making. You will learn the bases by preparing at least one or two type of kimchies based on wild style fermentation. We will see what type of nice vegetables we will get, if possible we will try to be seasonal. All of that will be done under the supervision of native Korean kvasir, Eunha.

The preparation of vegetable ferments in Korea, called “kimchies”, is an ancient fermentation skill based on wild fermentation starter (naturally occurring lactic acid producing bacteria among the others) and variety of ingredients added. This workshop is a hands-on experience that reviews the basic history and theory of Korean kimchi making and today's preparation style. You will learn how to make probably radish kimchi, preparing it yourselves. Part of this workshop is of course tasting of kimchi samples so you get idea what should your results taste like. You will be leaving with swing top jar of kimchi and knowledge how to make your own.

This workshop is based on donation at your will no one turned away for lack of funds. The resources gained will be used to cover at least part of the costs of the travel from South Korea which you can imagine are not negligible, every little helps, thank you!