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Jara or Cidrerie Jara if you like is a for profit, commercial project, funded and run by Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck. Simply said it is a manner how to gain living by fermenting. It's goal is to generate funds needed to cover the costs of this activity plus cover life expenses at least of it's founder and hopefully gaining more to fund variety of other activities and people involved. Main focus for the beginning is commercialization of cider related products and services. I (Algoldor) hope that this project will develop in time so that with it's help a small long term fermentation community can be set up.

Cidrerie Jara details :

  • Owner&Producer : František Apfelbeck
  • Official names of the busines are : Cidrerie Jara, Kvasirna Jara, Dancing Drops
  • Number SIRET is : 88422227400018
  • Address : 33 Rue Doncanville, Valcanville, 50760, France
  • Email : algoldor "you know the sign" foodhackingbase.org
  • +33 (here can come zero and skip the 33 if you are calling from France) 624792288
  • If possible I prefer email as a way of quotidian communication because I can choose when I read it and coordinate therefore better my work.