Granos tibicos growing media

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This page is dedicated to the search for the optimal growing media for granos tibicos alias water kefir which will result both in growth of the culture in amount and also in a tasty beverage. So far it is suggested to create subpages for individual projects/data of people who are experimenting with this culture. On this page we would than share brief summaries of the results of our work, literature, future aims etc.

  • Various experiments

Algoldor's experiments

  • Experiments summary's

Algoldor's experiments

For over four months I've been culturing water kefir and ginger beer plant cultures with variety of media achieving well fermented beverages of tasty flavour however failing in increasing or even keeping the amount/weight of the grains. I've used generally light brown or dark brown sugar of concentration of around 7% (w/v) so 700 g per 10 l batch, black tea was used for some time (around 0.5% (w/v)), 0.02% (w/v; 2 g) of DAP (diammonium hydrogen phosphate (NH4)2HPO4, fresh fruits etc. I've also switched from anaerobic to aerobic fermentation. It seems to me, that the Lactobacillus brevis, microbe responsible for the growth of the dextran based biofilm from which the grain is composed is missing or the conditions are not favourable for it to produce the matrix.