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Here you will soon find more information about Food Hacking Base activities at Chaos Computer Club (CCC) Camp 2019. Who has been at 35c3 realized fhb hitting all time high again establishing lets say food, drink and bio hub on semi professional level. Lets make it better again!

We are considering to build up and share dish cleaning facilities and renting a cooling trailer together with Milliways.

Cooling trailer - length = 2.51 m, broad = 1.3 m and height = 1.8 m or bigger option l = 3 m, b = 1.5 m and h = 2 m for around 65€ per day. Price per day for this smallest and cheapest options is 50€ So far we discuss either four euroboxes floor space booked for fhb or maybe half on half but not sure yet how much Milliways needs.