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So this is our "history log" of what we have been doing on previous hacker events, we hope that you can find some interesting info and tips here or just enjoy a bit of "nostalgia" of the past times.

FHB at 32C3 is our basic wiki for the 32c3 congress, is our 32c3 wiki and Food Hacking Base Crowdsourcing Campaign for 32c3 is for our Indiegogo effort. Soon blog post should be added.

CCC camp 2015 pre-perparation and preparation and running page, document this event, blog post will be added soon.

Food Hacking Base and Dancing Drops food&beverage and bio hacking tour - we toured the Europe promoting food, beverage and bio hacking

fhb at 30c3 congress - setting the bases for food, beverage and bio hacking at future indoor events

fhb at OHM2013 hacker camp - our first hacker camp as independent

fhb at 29c3 back again

fhb at 28c3 our first CCC conference under the fhb logo

First fhb at CCC camp 2011 in Finowfurt as part of Hackers on a Plane Project

Our beginnings, 27c3 under the Tastebridge logo