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FHB location according to orga
FHB cheese rendez-vous, SHA2017.
Selection of ciders and condiments
Pressing quins
Tempeh made in cloth.
Kefir cheese straining
Experimental incubator VoidWarranties.
Spider crab for seafood chowder.
When the night has come ...


Please have a look and support our Crowdfunding campaign!


For Assembly Wiki at 36c3 visit here. We are located inside a north east corner of the hall ???, check the plan on the right, our dect phone is FHB0 (3420).


Coming together, interlinking people who are into food, beverage and bio hacking and most of all having a good time, providing a place for all of that, these are our goals!


“Be excellent to each other” is our creed and after all these years we like to stick to it! Keeping in mind that it is the community which matters and you are it's part is important, be happy :-).

FHB Departments

We devide FHB into several compartments for more easy organization, check here the details.

FHB Budget

Information about our independent funding provided by you and it's usage is here.


We build, organize and run workshop areas which are suitable for food, drink and bio related activities. You can either join already submitted workshops or you can create your own.

FHB Projects

If you have a special project which you would like to run at/from fhb please read more and let us know! Example of a project is for example Probiotic Drinks Everywhere project.

FHB Gear, Tools and Ingredients

This is both our traditional "wish list" and basic list of important things which already became reality.