Experimental Incubator/ei prototype designing

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3.1 "Fermento" - Current prototype of experimental incubator

The info for the third generation has to be filled up, first the summary of the second generation has to be done, for the most up to date info please check here.

The third generation is going to be PCB based with fallowing components and sensor attachements suggested.

Component Function Model Specifications Amount Cost (€) Purchase links Component Suggested by
Arduino Micro (clone OK) 1x Arnd
LCD Display display data ??? 1x 7 DealExtreme Arnd
Temperature sensors to measure temp. ??? 2x 8 DealExtreme Arnd
Solid state relay switch on/off 220V elements ??? 2x 6-10 DealExtreme Arnd
RTC (real-time-clock) module keep count of time DS1302 based 1x 3 DealExtreme Arnd
Connectors for temp-probes connect the temp-probes ??? 2x 1 DealExtreme Arnd&Erwin