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This page is dedicated to the overview of the experimental incubator prototype named 2.1 Mamut and it's 2.? versions developed and tested between Spring 2013 and winter 2014.

Falk who are interested in getting involved in this open source project should really consider building a prototype. It is highly recommended for the sake of everyone to document your steps in a form of a LOG which can be a blog, wiki page, you name it. Once you get to the testing point we would like you to share these details (+ more if you think it is relevant):

  • 3D model of you set up/experimental incubator
  • type and strength of your insulation on the box (if any)
  • dimensions of the inner chamber
  • strength and type of your heating/cooling element (for example 60W peltier)
  • data of your heating and cooling testing, preferably 10 min time points for lets say two hours or so
  • your conclusions/summaries on your prototype, what should be improved, omitted etc.

For a better idea how it could be done please check out for example Algoldor's post about his prototype 2.1 Mamut-Tamna. If you could make a similar wiki page on our Food Hacking Base wiki labeled something like "2.1 Mamut-Barcelona" that would be great!