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The Aim of the Project

In this project we are developing a device (incubator or reactor) which will make experimenting with fermentation easier and more fun by being able to control, measure record conditions such as temperature and humidity. The long term goal is to offer the public a blue print of an affordable home fermentation device. Ideally we will produce easy to assemble kits which we make available on-line. If things go really well, we could make a complete, ready-to-use product. Now, what should our short, medium and long term goals be?

Features and principles which we pursue

  • Open source - we share what we do, please do share too
  • Versatility - The incubator should allow for a variety of different cultures to be fermented/grown. For example, cultivating yogurt cultures, tempeh, growing mushrooms etc.
  • Robust and upgradeable - What we build should last; the old models should be easy and cheap to upgrade to the next generation design specifications.
  • Environmentally friendly - If possible, we should try to use materials that do not harm the environment.
  • Project continuity - When the working prototype is done, we should start to work on next generation.

Building a prototype

This section is dedicated to our current prototype and our progress on the project.

History of Experimental Incubator Project

For more info please check this section.

Places for discussion, coordination and inspiration

There are many places where you can go to get inspired, lets summarize some of them here. For now we discuss experimental incubators on our incubator mailing list and also on the ark reactor/aeon farm design forum.